Redevelopment Understood.


About the Broker


Angela D. Grannan began her career on the pre-purchase due diligence side of Commercial Real Estate as an Environmental Consultant to commercial realtors, lenders, businesses, industry and government in 1997.  Angela's multi-faceted career in the commercial sector of the environmental industry afforded her the ability to consult on numerous environmental issues including, but not limited to, soil and groundwater contamination, various forms of remediation, asbestos, lead based paint, air sampling, endangered species assessment, environmental impact studies, watershed studies, and wetland studies to name a few.  Angela spent nearly 20 years in the environmental field of commercial real estate prior to becoming a Realtor. 

Angela decided to segway into selling commercial real estate when her clients began utilizing her environmental services as site selection tools as well.  Angela has since moved fully into real estate sales with the receipt of her Broker’s license and may occasionally consult for past clients or analyze field and laboratory notes and ghost write environmental reports to stay abreast of ever changing environmental laws.


Purchasing and Selling Greyfields and Brownfields Rather than Greenfields



In today's world, it can be a challenge determining where to locate your commercial business.  With restrictions on development of greenfields, that is, property that is undeveloped wooded land or pasture, sometimes it can be difficult finding a good piece of land that is developable. Many times, there will be protected species of flora or fauna, or even wetlands that would need to be rebuilt elsewhere if filled in.  And more often than not, this land that is developable, is far from downtown areas and is not easily accessible to the majority of consumers.  For a lot of commercial businesses, this is far from ideal.


Greyfields and Brownfields

Redeveloping properties within existing communities may have challenges as well considering zoning laws and ordinances, traffic ingress and egress, parking constraints, change of use, and the cost of razing buildings, if necessary.  And sometimes there are other issues such as groundwater contamination or asbestos floor tiles.  Having a Realtor that knows firsthand what to look for in a redevelopment situation can save you thousands in upfront investigations and help you pick the right property to contract. If the perfect property so happens to be contaminated, hire a Realtor that has navigated the environmental laws on numerous cleanup projects and can help you acquire the property with ease and protection.  Because ultimately, being within these communities has built in benefits of existing infrastructure and customers close-by. Arguably this is also the more sustainable approach to development.  


Incorporating Green Initiatives Without Breaking the Bank

The GRANNAN Group has partnered with Plant Your Roots America to provide funds for habitat restoration.  For every property we sell. Utilizing these funds on your property may be an option for achieving stormwater requirements through the use of bioswales, raingardens, and other native planting ideas that help to capture and keep rainwater onsite.  Call us today to learn more.